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Custom Half Shell

Custom Half Shell

This model is about half the size of our Custom Full Shell for true cosmetic appeal. We are very proud to be able to offer our Custom Instruments as they are a real value. This is our half shell model which means that it fills only about half of the small bowl in your ear. We custom build it for your hearing loss and it is also custom fit to your ear from an easy to use impression kit. Custom hearing aids are vented for a more natural sound and this model includes a low frequency trimmer to eliminate some of the unwanted low frequencies. When you order this model we will send the impression kit to you and get the other information we need to build your custom instruments.

Important features include custom fit, custom circuitry, low frequency trimmer (turn it clockwise to reduce unwanted lows and adjust the tone), a long battery life and a vent all at a very affordable price.

Consumer satisfaction is higher when an aid is worn in each ear since speech is normally understood much better.

Order One For Each Ear And Save.
Custom Half Shell
Comparable Value $1100.00
Our Price $599.00
Save another $40.00
Buy two for $1158.00

To receive a 45 day trial for only a $35.00 deposit call 1-800-799-4327